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Kurtas & Suits, Sarees & Blouses

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In order to achieve the dream,Kalpana has continuously endeavored to locate the best weavers, artisans and craftsmen. Years have been invested in a bid to understand their work ethos, lifestyles and influences, so as to nurture their skills and bring out their best.
Masterpieces from all over India are hand-picked and then worked upon before they blend together as yarn in a common fabric called Kalpana. The romance with Indian ethnicity continues in terms of the interiors of the outlets too.
The interiors at each of the Kalpana outlets reflect a unique cultural setting sculpted from India’s architectural heritage.
Fashion is time-bound. Tradition on the contrary, keeps evolving. It is nurtured by adapting what is new and good. And, that’s why, we recreate the past, so that you can rejoice in it.

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Clothing: Sarees, Shawls, Kurtis