People Tree

A stop for the coolest and funky handicrafts at People Tree!


Muskan Chhabra


Buzz Highlights
  • amazing collection
  • bags
  • T-shirts
  • books
  • recycled stuff
  • art works
  • handicrafts
Buzz Details

People Tree People Tree was established many years ago by Japanese and they have been manufacturing handcrafted products for several years. It has always been a different kind of fashion business giving its customers an alternative to fast fashion. The fast fashion industry is fueled by yearning demand for cheap clothing and accessories and it also has a devastating impact, from sweatshops and child labour to pollution and global warming. The store located in Connaught Place provides with a huge variety of printed bags, t-shirts, books, lamps, dresses for women and accessories. They also prepare some recycled stuff. This place is humongous and one can spend their whole day here without getting bored. The store also conducts small workshops and conferences.

Printed T-shirts looks really cool and are in trend too.

Printed college bags do well these days.

Readers would love to visit here once.

Handicrafts has always been the first preference for many people to decorate their home.