Shades of Lipstick for this Monsoon

Colour up your monsoon with some peppy shades.


Shrutika Singh


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Most of the human population is considered to be Pluviophile(lover of rain). Considerably, women tend to enjoy this season more than anyone/anything else. But when the question comes to their beloved makeup and lip shades then this is the season to be blamed!

Humid milieu & Heavy makeup is not an intelligent mix. Hence, go for ‘Nude Makeup’ to spellbind this monsoon.

And for Lips, which cannot be out focused being the most attractive and fascinating feminine feature that needs to be cherished and well presentable. The rains, however, fall short to seize the loveliness of the lips. Lipstick adds up the right dash of colour to your monsoon look, be it casual, corporate or traditional, wear your favourite lip shade and there you go.

Down below is the list of lipstick shades that you must try and let your lips charm up the season.

Purple For trendy and sexy look, Matte Purple will be the perfect pick.

Pink Considered to be every girl's favourite, Pink will go with monsoon easy and quick.

Orange To have some celebrity look, add orange to your lips. And you'll be all ready to fire up the day!!

Red For Hot and Sexy looks, move to Red!

Corals Corals are very cool and easy shades to pick. They glint you up with this easy freezy look which you can carry on any day!

Tip: Avoid using glossy lipsticks or any sort of lip gloss as that will result into stickiness and will smudge off easily.

You can buy these lipsticks from our very own CP!!! Following are some of the shops form where you can find above mentioned Lipstick colours.

Oriflame: Ground Floor, VI House 54, Janpath Atul Grove Road, Janpath, Connaught Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110001

The Body Shop: M-55 GROUND FLOOR, Connaught Place, CONNAUGHT PLACE,, Delhi 110001

Avon Beauty Product India Pvt . Ltd.: M.40 , Outer Circle , Opp. Shanker Market, Connaught Circus, Block M, Connaught Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110001